Adventures of an American cooking, eating and living in France



Welcome to the Eat French Club! This website is devoted to all things related to French food and food culture. We cover cooking, recipes, kitchen gadgets, shopping, and wine and cheese of course!


Who am I?

I’m Daniel Waldman, an American expat living in France. I’ve been married to a French woman since 2003, and we decided to take the plunge and move to France in Fall of 2016.

I’ve always loved cooking and have a deep passion for food, how it’s made and how it’s grown. I am the main chef in our family (contrary to common perceptions: not all French women can cook). I’m also the primary shopper in our family, and I love shopping at markets to buy fresh produce, meat and other products, I also love visiting farms, creameries and the like to see how our food is made. 

We’re huge fans of food TV, too, and in 2016, my daughter (then 9) competed in and won Chopped Jr. I’m also an avid fan of Chef’s Table, Mind of a Chef and of course, Anthony Bourdain. 

One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to experiment, especially with products I’ve never worked with before. Moving to France has given me a chance, as our regular butcher in the U.S. rarely had any interesting and different cuts of meat. 

Most of what I focus on here will be centered around western France, where I live. But we travel frequently to other parts of France and Europe, so I’ll be including interesting finds from those destinations as well. 

Eat up! 

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